Scuba diving in Italy

Italy is home to some of the most interesting diving in Europe; from sunken Roman galleys to caves and swim-throughs, as well as rich marine life, the waters of the coast of Italy have something to tempt every scuba diver. 

Why dive in Italy?

Italy offers the complete holiday package for divers. In the morning you can explore a roman wreck or a colourful swim-through, then in the afternoon, you can immerse yourself in history around a Roman archeological site. Finally, you can round off your day with a world-famous Italian dinner in the evening. 

While Italy isn’t the best diving destination in the world, it has some of the best diving in Europe. If you want a  quick vacation that offers the complete package and is easy to get to, you can't go wrong heading to Italy. As well as the overall experience, the waters around Italy are rich with marine life, and due to the country’s long history, there are many wrecks and other man-made artifacts that you can explore in the waters off the Italian coast. 

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