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It is human nature to ignore what is in their own backyards. Tourist will spend hundreds even thousands of dollars to visit a destination that the locals do not even visit themselves. Spain is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. Still, divers often overlook Spain for trips to other destinations. One of the reasons may well be the popularity of Spain as a tourist destination. The variety and quality of the diving gets a little lost in all the hype of the different adventures that wait those traveling there for a sunny getaway. When northern Europe is cold and dreary, the coasts of Spain are warm and inviting.

Those divers who explore their “backyard” will find that Spain offers outstanding diving and can cater to divers with vastly different expectations. Diving Spain is like the old commercial about the mint that is both a breath mint and a candy mint, Spain is a dive destination that is both a cold water and a warm water destination. Divers can find both types of diving year round. There is diving for experienced divers and for those just learning.

Europe has a well establish transportation system that integrates air travel as well as buses and trains. The road networks allow you to travel across the continent with few worries. Getting to any of the dive destinations is simply planning.

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