Scuba diving in Efate island

Scuba diving in: Efate island


Nestled in the heart of the South Pacific, Efate Island, part of Vanuatu's archipelago, is a magnet for diving enthusiasts. Known for its pristine waters, rich marine life, and varied dive sites, Efate Island offers both novice and expert divers a taste of underwater adventure unlike any other.

Best Spots for Experienced Divers:

Efate's west coast is home to some spectacular sites. Konanda Reef is a renowned wreck dive where divers can explore a 45m-long cargo vessel, intentionally sunk to serve as an artificial reef. Housing a vibrant ecosystem, the wreck is a haven for various species, from small critters to sizeable grouper. Another site worth mentioning is Mele Reef. Here, experienced divers can plunge into deeper waters, discovering canyons, caves, and overhangs teeming with marine life.

Best Spots for Beginners:

For those just getting their fins wet, Hideaway Island is an excellent starting point. Besides boasting the world's only underwater post office, it's a marine sanctuary with calm waters and abundant marine life, perfect for those early dives. Another great location for beginners is Nautilus Reef, where the shallow waters are replete with colorful fish and coral formations.

Marine Life:

The waters surrounding Efate Island brim with a dazzling array of marine species. Divers can encounter everything from clownfish weaving through anemones to moray eels peeking from rocky crevices. Bigger species like barracudas, reef sharks, and occasionally manta rays can also be spotted. The coral gardens, with their vibrant soft and hard corals, form a mesmerizing backdrop to the marine spectacle.

Dive Conditions:

The diving conditions around Efate Island are favorable most of the year. Water temperatures remain pleasant, ranging from 72°F during the cooler months (May to October) to 82°F in the warmer months (November to April). Visibility is often excellent, frequently exceeding 100 feet, especially from May to October.


Dive prices on Efate Island are competitive, offering great value for the experience. A single boat dive, including equipment rental, typically ranges from $70 to $100. For those looking to get certified, Open Water courses hover between $400 to $600. Many dive centers offer package deals, which can provide significant savings for divers planning multiple dives.

Efate Island, with its clear waters, diverse marine life, and intriguing dive sites, presents a compelling call to the underwater world. Whether you're a seasoned diver or just starting, Efate promises a diving experience that will linger in memories for years to come.

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