Scuba diving in Wyoming

Scuba diving in: Wyoming


Wyoming is a landlocked state and does not offer any opportunities for scuba diving in the traditional sense. However, there are opportunities for freshwater diving in some of the state's lakes and reservoirs, which are typically reserved for technical divers and require special certifications and equipment.

Diving spots in Wyoming:
Lake Yellowstone has clear water and underwater geothermal features such as hot springs and geysers. The lake is only accessible by authorized diving operators and requires a special permit from the National Park Service.

Marine Life:
In terms of marine life, the freshwater lakes and reservoirs in Wyoming may have populations of fish such as trout, bass, and walleye, but do not offer the same diversity as ocean environments.

Dive conditions:
The dive conditions in Wyoming can vary depending on the location and time of year, but typically involve colder water temperatures and lower visibility than ocean environments. Divers should also be aware of the altitude and its effects on their bodies.

As for cost, diving in Wyoming's freshwater lakes and reservoirs typically requires specialized certifications and equipment, which can make it a more expensive endeavor. The cost may vary depending on the dive operator and the specific location.

Overall, while Wyoming may not offer traditional scuba diving opportunities, there are options for freshwater diving for experienced technical divers.

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