Scuba diving in Utah

Scuba diving in: Utah


As a landlocked state, Utah is not known for its diving opportunities. However, there are a few locations where divers can explore underwater caves, springs, and reservoirs.

Best Diving Spots for Experienced Divers:

  • Blue Lake, Monticello: This deep reservoir features clear water and underwater rock formations, as well as the opportunity to encounter rainbow trout and other freshwater fish species.
  • Mineral Bottom, Green River: This location is known for its underwater cave systems and unique rock formations, making it a popular spot for technical diving.
  • Homestead Crater, Midway: This geothermal spring is housed inside a 55-foot tall limestone rock, offering warm water temperatures year-round and the opportunity to explore a unique underwater environment.

Best Diving Spots for Beginners:

  • Red Fleet Reservoir, Vernal: This reservoir offers clear water and easy entry points for beginner divers, as well as the possibility of seeing freshwater fish such as bass and catfish.
  • Blue Spring, Diamond Fork Canyon: This natural hot spring features crystal-clear water and a unique underwater environment to explore, with easy entry points for beginner divers.
  • Fish Lake, Richfield: This clear freshwater lake is a popular spot for fishing and also offers opportunities for beginner divers to explore its underwater terrain.

Marine Life:
As a landlocked state, Utah does not have any marine life. However, divers can encounter freshwater fish species such as trout, bass, and catfish.

Dive Conditions:
Dive conditions in Utah can vary depending on the location and season. Water temperatures can range from 40-70°F, with the warmest temperatures found in geothermal springs. Visibility can range from 10-50 feet, depending on the location and weather conditions.

The cost of diving in Utah varies depending on the location and type of dive. Certification courses can range from $300-$500, while guided dives and equipment rental can cost $100-$200 per person. Some dive sites may also require permits or entrance fees.

Overall, while Utah is not a traditional diving destination, it does offer a few unique and interesting dive locations for both beginner and experienced divers to explore.

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