Scuba diving in Oregon

Scuba diving in: Oregon


Oregon is known for its rugged coastline and cold-water diving opportunities, with a diverse range of marine life to discover.

Best Diving Spots for Experienced Divers:

  1. Bluefish Cove: Located in the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve, this dive site offers advanced diving opportunities with underwater pinnacles, walls, and rocky terrain.
  2. Boiler Bay: This dive site is known for its deep-water diving opportunities, with the possibility of encountering marine life such as octopus, wolf eels, and rockfish.

Best Diving Spots for Beginners:

  1. Yaquina Bay: This dive site offers easy entry and calm conditions, making it a great spot for beginner divers to explore the marine life and kelp forests.
  2. Devil's Punchbowl: With a maximum depth of 40 feet, Devil's Punchbowl offers beginner divers the opportunity to explore shallow rocky formations and marine life such as sea stars and anemones.

Marine Life:
Oregon's cold-water diving offers a diverse range of marine life, including rockfish, lingcod, wolf eels, nudibranchs, sea stars, and kelp forests. Divers may also encounter sea lions, harbor seals, and even whales in certain areas.

Dive Conditions:
Diving conditions in Oregon can be challenging due to the cold water temperatures and strong currents in some areas. Water temperatures can range from 45-55°F, with visibility varying depending on the location and season. Divers should be aware of changing tide and current conditions, as well as potential hazards such as rocks and kelp.

The cost of diving in Oregon varies depending on the location and type of dive. Certification courses can range from $300-$500, while guided dives and equipment rental can cost $100-$200 per person.

Overall, Oregon's cold-water diving opportunities offer a unique and rewarding experience for divers of all levels, with the chance to discover a diverse range of marine life and explore underwater formations and terrain.

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