Scuba diving in Koror

Scuba diving in: Koror


Koror, the largest city and former capital of Palau, serves as the primary gateway to the world-renowned dive sites of this Pacific paradise. Situated amidst a cluster of islands, Koror is surrounded by waters teeming with marine life, from massive manta rays to delicate nudibranchs. The city itself is a hub of dive operations, making it the perfect base for exploring Palau's underwater wonders.

Best Spots for Experienced Divers:

Ulong Channel: Recognized for its thrilling drift dives, Ulong Channel presents divers with a unique opportunity to encounter sharks, groupers, and a vibrant variety of corals.
Siaes Tunnel: An underwater cavern that starts at 60 feet deep, it's a haven for advanced divers. Inside, white-tip sharks often rest, and the cave's ceiling is covered in delicate soft corals.
Blue Holes: An enormous cavern with four openings at the top, this site descends into the renowned Blue Corner. Large pelagic species can be seen, and the play of sunlight through the openings is simply mesmerizing.

Best Spots for Beginners:

Tropicbird Wall: Located close to Koror, this site has a gentle slope that's perfect for beginners. With a maximum depth of around 45 feet, it's a fantastic spot for witnessing reef sharks and the eponymous tropicbirds.
Mandarin Fish Lake: As the name suggests, this site is famous for the brightly colored mandarin fish. It's a shallow dive, ideal for novices, and offers a chance to see the mating dance of these captivating creatures.

Marine Life:

Koror's surrounding waters are a microcosm of the Pacific's marine biodiversity. Expect to encounter sharks, barracudas, manta rays, and turtles. Coral gardens teem with colorful reef fish, and the twilight hours might reveal the enchanting mandarin fish or the bioluminescent flashlight fish.

Dive Conditions:

Koror offers a diverse range of dive conditions. While some sites might experience strong currents, making them suitable for drift dives, many sites close to Koror are sheltered and calm, perfect for beginners. Water temperatures are consistent, ranging between 82°F to 86°F, and visibility can stretch up to 100 feet or more.


Koror, being the hub of diving activities in Palau, offers a range of dive packages. A typical two-tank dive can cost between $160 to $200. For those keen on multiple days of diving, packages may offer a more economical rate. Beginners looking to get PADI certified can expect prices around $450 to $550 for an Open Water course.

Koror, with its accessibility to some of Palau's most spectacular dive sites, stands as a beacon for divers of all levels. From the challenges faced by seasoned divers to the calm, colorful introductions for novices, the waters around Koror promise unforgettable underwater experiences.

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