Scuba diving in Vermont

Scuba diving in: Vermont


Vermont is a landlocked state and does not offer any opportunities for scuba diving in the ocean. However, there are several freshwater dive sites in the state, such as quarries and lakes.

Best Diving Spots:

  • Dive Vermont, Waitsfield: This quarry offers a training ground for beginner divers with clear water and submerged platforms for skills practice.
  • Lake Champlain, Burlington: This lake offers a calm and controlled environment for beginner divers, with clear water and the possibility of encountering freshwater fish and aquatic plants.

Marine Life:
Diving in Vermont's freshwater lakes and quarries may offer the opportunity to see freshwater fish species such as bass, trout, and perch.

Dive Conditions:
Dive conditions in Vermont's freshwater sites can vary depending on the location and season, but generally offer good visibility and moderate water temperatures ranging from 50-70°F.

The cost of diving in Vermont varies depending on the location and type of dive. Certification courses can range from $300-$500, while guided dives and equipment rental can cost $50-$100 per person.

Overall, Vermont does not offer the same variety of dive opportunities as coastal states, but can still provide a unique experience for beginner divers in its freshwater dive sites.

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