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Scuba diving in: Albion


Scuba Diving in Albion, Mauritius

Albion, located on the west coast of Mauritius, is a great spot for scuba diving due to its calm and clear waters. The marine life is diverse, with colorful fish, coral reefs, and occasional sightings of turtles, rays, and dolphins.

Best Scuba Diving Spots for Experienced Divers:
For experienced divers, some of the best dive sites in Albion include The Cathedral, a cave system that requires advanced diving skills, and Shark Pit, where you can encounter grey reef sharks and whitetip reef sharks. The Albion Caves are also a popular spot for experienced divers.

Best Scuba Diving Spots for Beginners:
For beginners, the Turtle Bay Marine Park is an excellent spot to start. The shallow water and calm currents make it ideal for novice divers to explore the underwater world. Beginners can also try the Coral Garden, which is abundant in colorful coral and marine life.

Marine Life:
Albion is home to a variety of marine life, including angelfish, butterflyfish, trumpetfish, moray eels, and octopuses. Turtles and rays are also common sightings, and lucky divers may even spot dolphins and whales in the deeper waters.

Dive Conditions and Cost:
The best time to dive in Albion is from November to May when the water is warm and calm. The average water temperature ranges from 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F). The cost of diving in Albion varies depending on the dive center and package, but a single dive can cost between $50 to $80 USD.

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