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Scuba diving in Alor Pantar, Indonesia

Alor Pantar is a hidden gem for scuba diving in Indonesia, located in the Lesser Sunda Islands in the eastern part of the country. Its crystal-clear waters offer incredible visibility, and its remote location ensures a peaceful and pristine diving experience. Here is some information about scuba diving in Alor Pantar, including the best dive spots, marine life, dive conditions, and cost.

Best dive spots for experienced divers:
  1. Alor Strait - known for its strong currents and pelagic marine life, including barracuda, tuna, and reef sharks.
  2. Pura Island - a world-class muck diving spot, with unique macro creatures such as pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, and ghost pipefish.
  3. Kepa Island - a great spot for wall diving, with vibrant coral reefs and schools of fish.

Best dive spots for beginners:
  1. Babi Island - a shallow dive site with calm waters and abundant marine life, including clownfish, turtles, and octopus.
  2. Pulau Tiga - another shallow dive site with a diverse range of marine life, including colorful corals and small reef fish.
  3. Reta Island - a gentle drift dive with stunning coral gardens and an abundance of macro life such as cuttlefish, squid, and seahorses.

Marine life:
Alor Pantar boasts an incredible range of marine life, from tiny macro creatures to large pelagic animals. Divers can expect to encounter colorful corals, schools of fish, reef sharks, turtles, and even dolphins and whales in the deeper waters. Unique macro creatures such as pygmy seahorses, frogfish, and harlequin shrimp can also be found in some of the muck diving spots.

Dive conditions:
The water temperature in Alor Pantar ranges from 26-30°C (79-86°F) year-round, with generally calm and clear waters. However, strong currents can occur in some areas, particularly in the Alor Strait, so divers should have some experience and be comfortable with drift diving.

The cost of scuba diving in Alor Pantar can vary depending on the dive center and package chosen. A single dive can cost around $30-$50 USD, while a full day of diving with two or three dives can cost around $100-$150 USD. Liveaboard options are also available for those who want to explore the more remote dive sites.

Overall, Alor Pantar is a fantastic destination for scuba diving in Indonesia, offering a diverse range of dive sites, incredible marine life, and a peaceful and remote location.

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