Scuba diving in Pelanion

Scuba diving in: Pelanion


The Pelanion is a shipwreck in Bermuda that is popular among experienced divers. It is located in about 60 feet of water and is relatively intact, making it an interesting site to explore. There are many entry and exit points to the wreck, and divers can swim through various parts of the ship, including the engine room, cargo holds, and bridge.

For beginners, the Pelanion may not be the best choice as it is deeper and requires some experience with wreck diving. However, there are many other sites in Bermuda that are better suited for beginners.

Marine life:
As for marine life, the Pelanion is home to a variety of fish and other creatures, including groupers, barracudas, lobsters, and eels. The water conditions around Bermuda are generally clear and calm, making for good visibility during dives.

The cost of diving at the Pelanion and other sites in Bermuda varies depending on the dive shop and package chosen. However, it is generally more expensive to dive in Bermuda compared to other Caribbean destinations.

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