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Scuba diving in: Korčula


Korčula, often referred to as 'Little Dubrovnik', is not only known for its medieval squares and stone walls but also for its captivating underwater attractions. As an island in the Adriatic Sea, Korčula offers divers a chance to explore a serene underwater world, teeming with life and hidden treasures. From age-old wrecks to dramatic underwater cliffs, diving in Korčula is an experience that melds historical intrigue with natural beauty.

Best Spots for Experienced Divers:

Borovnjaci: Located at the far end of the Korčula archipelago, Borovnjaci is a series of underwater cliffs and caves that attract advanced divers. These dive sites often present strong currents, but the payoff includes encounters with large fish species and deep-sea flora.
Gubavac Shipwreck: A sunken steamship lying at a depth of about 50 meters, Gubavac is a thrilling dive for those with advanced diving qualifications. The ship, which sunk in the early 20th century, now houses various marine species.

Best Spots for Beginners:

Vaja Bay: With its shallow and calm waters, Vaja Bay is an ideal location for beginner divers to gain confidence. The bay boasts rich marine life, including schools of fish, octopuses, and seahorses.
Tara’s Lodge: Close to the coast and protected from strong currents, this site offers a sandy seabed and an abundance of seagrass, making it perfect for novice divers to practice and explore.

Marine Life:

The marine life around Korčula is nothing short of enchanting. Divers might spot schools of salema, vibrantly colored nudibranchs, and the occasional sea turtle gliding gracefully. The waters are also home to seahorses, moray eels, and various species of rays. The nooks and crannies of the underwater rock formations are often inhabited by lobsters and crabs, giving divers plenty to observe.

Dive Conditions:

Korčula's prime diving season extends from April to October. During the peak summer months, water temperatures can rise to a comfortable 76°F. Visibility is generally excellent, ranging between 20 to 40 meters, especially during the late summer and early autumn months.


Diving in Korčula offers value for money, aligning with other Croatian destinations. A standard two-tank dive might set one back around $80 to $100, varying based on the dive site and depth. For those looking to get certified or take specialty courses, expect to pay between $450 to $600, inclusive of equipment, training, and certification fees.

Korčula, with its blend of history and marine wonders, beckons divers of all levels. The island's underwater realm presents a tapestry of marine life set against the backdrop of intriguing dive sites. Whether you're an expert seeking your next thrill or a beginner ready to plunge into the depths, Korčula ensures a memorable dive.

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