Scuba diving in Marie Celeste

Scuba diving in: Marie Celeste


The Marie Celeste shipwreck is located off the coast of Bermuda and is a popular dive site for experienced divers. The site is known for its historical significance as the shipwreck is believed to be the same Marie Celeste that was found abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. The ship lies in about 55 feet (17 meters) of water and is home to a variety of marine life, including colorful reef fish, lobsters, and eels.

Diving spot:
For beginners, it's not recommended to dive at the Marie Celeste shipwreck as it's a deep dive site suitable for experienced divers only. There are other dive sites in Bermuda that are more suitable for beginners, such as the shallow reefs around the island that offer calm and clear waters to practice skills and enjoy the marine life.

Dive conditions:
The dive conditions at Marie Celeste can vary depending on weather conditions, but generally, the visibility is good and the water temperature is comfortable for most of the year. However, strong currents and surge can be present at times, making it important for divers to have experience with drift diving.

As for the cost, it will depend on the dive operator and the specific package offered, but expect to pay around $100-$150 for a single dive. Some dive operators may offer discounts for multiple dives or packages.

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