Scuba diving in Argentine Northwest

Scuba diving in: Argentine Northwest


Diving in the Argentine Northwest is less popular compared to the coastal areas, as there are fewer dive sites available, and most of the diving opportunities are in freshwater lakes and rivers rather than the ocean. However, there are still some interesting spots for both beginners and experienced divers to explore.

Best diving spot for experienced divers:
  • Laguna El Quemado: Located in Salta Province, Laguna El Quemado is a high-altitude volcanic lake situated at 11,482 feet (3,500 meters) above sea level. The lake is known for its crystal-clear water and unique underwater landscapes. This site is more suitable for experienced divers due to the altitude and the need for special dive training and equipment.

Best diving spot for beginners:
  • Cabra Corral Reservoir: Also located in Salta Province, Cabra Corral Reservoir is a freshwater diving spot that offers several dive sites suitable for beginners. The reservoir features submerged trees, rock formations, and a variety of fish species. Visibility can vary depending on the weather and water conditions, but it generally ranges from 16 to 33 feet (5 to 10 meters).

Marine life:
As the Argentine Northwest is dominated by freshwater environments, the marine life differs from that found in oceanic diving spots. Expect to encounter various freshwater fish species, aquatic plants, and interesting geological formations. The marine life in this region may be less diverse compared to ocean diving sites, but the unique landscapes and environments can offer a different kind of diving experience.

Dive conditions:
Diving conditions in the Argentine Northwest can be quite variable due to changing weather and water conditions. Water temperatures in the freshwater lakes and rivers can range from 50°F (10°C) to 68°F (20°C), depending on the time of year and altitude. Visibility can also vary from 16 to 33 feet (5 to 10 meters) or more, depending on the specific location and conditions.

The cost of diving in the Argentine Northwest will depend on the dive center and the specific location. Generally, guided dives may range from $50 to $100 per dive, while dive courses and equipment rental costs will vary depending on the dive center. Keep in mind that diving in high-altitude locations like Laguna El Quemado may require additional training and specialized equipment, which could increase the overall cost of diving in the region.

When planning a diving trip to the Argentine Northwest, it's important to research the available dive sites and operators to find the best fit for your skill level and interests.

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